Photo a Day Challenge


Gigantic Event


A pair of Mallards rest in the midst of the gigantic snow event in northeast Wisconsin.

Lucky Distance


The pelican statue is lucky it stands a safe distance from the ice shove along the Green Bay shore.

Humble Shoot


A sure sign of spring is when the humble shoots bloom.



If you are a Packer’s fan and don’t mind looking foolish you religiously wear your cheesehead while cheering on the team.

Candid and Tremble


The Lombardi trophy is candid acknowledgement of supreme achievement that can cause the  most macho recipients to tremble.

Bang and Blend


Bang and Blend:

This vintage Hooker header gathers the combustion bangs and exhaust gases  from each of the four cylinders of our ’58 TR3 and blends them together into a delightfully raucous cacophony.  We hope to get our freshly rebuilt engine back into its engine bay before summer.

Alike and Fast


Alike and Fast:

The footballs displayed in the Packer Hall of Fame are all alike, but Brett’s traveled fastest.

Even Field


We found this old, patinated work truck rusting away in the foreground of a plowed, even field. We liked the various textures offered and were especially interested in the broken window which we placed in the bottom right third intersection. The horizon falls on the top third line.

East and Depend


In 1937 boats on Lake Winnebago approaching  the central western shore just north of Oshkosh from the east were expected to depend on the Asylum Point lighthouse for safe passage.  The WPA project was rejected by the Dept. of Transportation and was never lit.  In 2007 the lighthouse was restored.

Clean and White

_DSC4362-Edit-Edit copy

“The Farm,” a popular Door County attraction, is closed for the season so the recent snow fall remains pristine and unmarked by man or beast.