Photo a Day Challenge




Machines in Motion is a special exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci’s revolutionary 15th century drawings and working machine replicas displayed at Appleton’s Castle Museum.  Although he never succeeded in creating an actual flying machine, he did design a machine based on the wings of bats and birds of prey which the pilot would work with ropes and pulleys.



A wide lens emphasizes the menacing appearance of the B52D Stratofortress long range bomber.




This fighter sure looked futuristic to us.  Whatever it is, it’s getting some cosmetic care for display.  (It looked like the F18 we saw at the EAA air show.)



The aircraft displays were reminiscent of the gloomy Cold War days between the US and the Soviet Union during the last half of the 20th century.  Here a Minuteman missile lurks ominously behind the tail of a military aircraft.




“Kilroy was here” . . . Kilroy, the famous super GI who participated in every combat, training  and occupation during WWII and the Korean War, can be seen peeking over the cloud upon which the eagle is standing.  The KB-29M Legal Eagle II is on display at the Ellsworth South Dakota Air and Space Museum.


We think this is an F-18 E/F Super Hornet which flies at Mach 1.8+.  This fighter was simply amazing.  Attempts to find it in the sky produced both grimaces and smiles of wonder because we could not hear it coming;  it was almost gone by the time we saw and finally heard it!



The spectacular display of WWII aircraft and the courageous feats of skilled men and women tugged at our emotions as we remembered history.




This bomber definitely made a statement as it pulled up from a run with bomb bay doors still open.




The American WWII  B-25 Mitchell was known for its accurate low flying bomb strikes as well as its ability to skip-bomb across the waters into enemy ships.



Japanese Zeros demonstrated training exercises, drills and maneuvers.