Photo a Day Challenge





While in Two Rivers, we visited the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

Z for Zebra

A zebra was first spotted at an antique store in Cedarburg, WI. Somehow that same zebra made his way to Highcliff State Park.

E for Era

The Dime A Dance vintage boutique located in the Cedar Creek Settlement offers apparel, hats, jewelry, linens, textiles and antiques from a bygone era.   We found the lady minding the store a real charmer.

Y for Yesteryear

Jimmy “The Popcorn Man” Fortunato operates his Cedarberg popcorn wagon of yesteryear year round.  This is no microwave or hot air popcorn!  This is the real thing popped right on the premises in his wagon.

J for Java House

The Java House is located in the heart of historic downtown Cedarburg, WI.

H for Haul

While on the road, we met someone who appeared to be happily hauling home his new found treasure.  Wish it was a Hupmobile.

U for Under

A mural depicting wildlife in Wisconsin is painted under the walking bridge at Leinenkugel’s Brewery.

D for Door

The door is all that is left of the original spring house of the Leinenkugel Brewery.

P for Privy

While patronizing the privy at Big Honza’s restaurant in Montgomery, MN, I had this funny feeling that I was being watched.

A is for Autocross

Autocross consists of driving a course defined by traffic cones set up on a large parking lot or small track.  Drivers are timed as they run the course one at a time.  Penalty seconds are added for hitting a cone.  Cars are grouped into performance classes and quickest times win.


The Letter F: Fish

Ornamental koi graced the quiet waters of a pond in the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.


The Letter M — Madeline Island

Madeline Island, located off the Bayfield Peninsula in Lake Superior, is one of the Apostle Islands. Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island offers incredible views of the lake.


The Letter G: Gathering on the Green

After dinner we attended the “Gathering on the Green,”  a car show on the grounds of the Osthoff Hotel in Elkhart Lake which featured selected classic autos, a live band and an open outdoor bar.

We found the hood ornaments from Pierce Arrow, Packard and Nash Amrican particularly interesting.

The Letter S: Siebkins

Siebkins in Elkhart Lake was the vintage racers’ watering hole for decades since the original road races of the 1950s.  We decided to have dinner there after the races.  The vintage ambiance did not disappoint, nor did the food.


The Letter C: Cockpit

The open cockpit of this MG vintage race car features analogue gauges, uncovered transmission and a large narrow rimmed banjo steering wheel.  No frills.  All business.


The Letter V: Vintage

Knock off wire wheels, leather hood straps, winged logos and painted rondels are typical accessories sported by vintage race cars.


The Letter R: Running and Ready

The mustachioed driver of this Morgan acknowledges that he is running and ready at the one minute warning on the grid.


The Letter L: Lagonda

This 1939 Lagonda Le Mans replica showed off its pointed teardrop fenders in the paddock and its V12 engine on the track at Road America during the VSDCA’s Fall Festival vintage races.  The original pair of Lagonda Le Mans racers placed 3rd and 4th in the 1939 Le Mans and fell victims to a buzz bombing while stored in a barn during WWII.


The Letter T

Double ouch!

The Letter I: Innovative

The driver of this Triumph TR3 frequently replaces its steering wheel with a Triumph bicycle handlebar.  He flashes a mischievous smile as he remarks that the handlebar steering system is great for straight line racing,  but not so well suited for the fourteen corners encountered at Road America.  I wonder if it would be an effective braking bias control since the left handbrake could operate the front brakes while the right would have separate control of the rear.  Hmmm.  Anyone inclined to pursue a patent for this innovation?   : )


The Letter X

The construction of the loft doors form perfect Xs on the Kortesmaa Cattle Barn located on the Finnish Ketola Farm which originated in the Town of Oulu, Bayfield County, 1893.

The Letter W: Wagon Shop

This shop utilized the talents of wheelwright, blacksmith and wagon maker to fashion the horse-drawn vehicles that were used by the early settlers.  The Peterson Wagon Shop from the Town of Whitewater, Walsworth County, displays an exterior ramp commonly used to facilitate the removal of products assembled on the second floor.

The Letter O: Office

The office in the Four Mile Inn.

The Letter K: Knots

Sailors’ rigging knots embellish this display of another model viewed along the Heritage of the Sea walkway.