Photo a Day Challenge



A drive though the countryside in October brought us to Mosquito Hill Nature Center at New London, WI where a hike along the trail was a riot of color. Our Triumph TR8 peeked through the gold birch leaves, green pine boughs and burgundy colored maple trees.


A small cemetery on the grounds of the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Robinsonville, WI. overlooks an ordinary farm field filled with baled hay. The Shrine gives testimony to the power of prayer. Read about the Shrine here.


Trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns and flowers create a hillside of color during the month of October at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.


A fuzzy red flower seen at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens in October.


Diane’s This and That boutique, also located in the Kettle Moraine village of Dundee, features a rusted steel arch adorned with disordered motorcycle parts.


Fragile leaves still clung tenuously to their branches near the pond behind the Dundee Mill.



A solitary canoe waited for a paddler to take it out on the mill pond for a little recreation.



The milkweed plants have reached the end of their growing season and now spread their seeds to begin anew next spring.



Fallen maple leaves reflect  golden sunshine on a wooded trail.



Red apples remained unpicked on a tree in front of the Dundee Mill in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine.  The reflected wheel in the stream looked as real as the one secured to the mill.


Sharp straight lines with little or no detail in a simple, uncomplicated subject.   This chimney from the ruins of the limestone kilns seems to lend itself to the minimalism movement of the ‘60s.  The soft vignetted background is probably counter to the concept, but we prefer it this way.



These chimney ruins remain from a kiln used to extract the lime from a limestone quarry which operated on the northeast shore of Lake Winnebago near Appleton, WI. from 1895 to 1956.  Lime was used in cement and plaster as well as a soil acid reduction agent.  The state bought the land and opened High Cliff State Park in 1957.




Door County groceries found their way to our kitchen table when we returned home.



We experienced a blissful drive home as we followed the Green Bay shore through Little Harbor.  This is the same scene we photographed and posted last winter as Seaside.

In the Shadows

The leaf laden trail receded into the shadows as we hiked in Newport State Park in Door County.


Shapes in Nature

A long-antlered deer appears to gaze into the sun and through the trees at Lake Michigan in Newport State Park located on the east side of the Door Peninsula.


Favorite Food

If your favorite foods include hamburgers, thick malted milks and ice cream, and if you enjoy 1950s malt shop ambiance including working jukeboxes operated from chromed coin operated record selectors at every booth, then Wilson’s in Ephram in Door County is the place to dine.



We spotted swans and ducks in Ellison Bay on Green Bay when we drove to Door County to enjoy the remaining fall color this late in the season.

Letters in Nature

The spider’s web in our back yard is a series of concentric Os, some of which are more perfectly formed than others.  Perhaps this spider sampled the Hallowine while he was on the job.


We encountered a well-fanged vampire bat among the Halloween paraphernalia displayed at Door Peninsula Winery in Carlsville, WI.  After enjoying a session at their wine tasting bar, a bottle of Hallowine, a mulled apple wine heavily spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg which is served warm, found its way into our Door County bag of groceries. The bat, however, remained on his perch in the winery when we left.



Golden leaves enhanced the feeling of warmth on this wonderful autumn day as we followed the Wolf River south near Keshena  on our way home.



Accessing the rough shoreline of Madeline Island sometimes provided a challenge.





The forest was alive with sounds of rushing water at our side and rustling leaves beneath our feet.