Photo a Day Challenge

Battle of Shiloh


At the reenactment we found a friend who is involved with these activites.



For the finale both sides combined in an organized bayonet attack toward the audience.


The muskets were loud and smokey when fired in unison.

Stand Out

An officer stands out to lead a counterattack the next morning, April 7.  Reinforcements from General Buell’s Ohio Army and Grant’s own army forced the Confederates to retreat, allowing the Union to advance into northern Mississippi.



Union soldiers fire their muskets in a recreation of the 1862 battle of Shiloh at Heritage State Park in Green Bay.


Confederate forces led by Generals Albert Sidney Johnston and P.G. Beauregard launched a surprise attack on the Union camp on April 6, 1862.  The bloodiest battle up to that time had begun and, as in every war, both sides sacrificed their youth.



General U.S. Grant  commanded his Army of Western Tennessee.


A Union sentry took guard duty very seriously.  He questioned our presence and asked if we knew the whereabouts of the Rebs.


The Union Camp was plain and simple, deep in southwestern Tennessee.



The day started out peacefully enough as young men grabbed some shut-eye under a tree near the Union camp.



Civilians relax in the shade prior to the Heritage Hill reenactment of the battle of Shiloh of April 6 and 7, 1862.