Photo a Day Challenge



Fluffy feathers.  Pepper is a Congo African Gray native to the rain forests of Africa.


The Blues

Zico’s feathers are entirely colored shades of blue, darker on the wings and lighter above.  He is  a Hyacinth Macaw, the largest of all flying parrots and native to South America.  He is quite valuable because of his brilliant color, mild disposition and rarity . . . he’s listed as an endangered species.



Happiness is . . .

Happiness is . . . .

Whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

Note continuation:   . . .  worth two in a bush.”


This bird in hand is a White Cockatoo.  He is native to the Indonesian Islands and is highly social, highly intelligent, naturally acrobatic and easily trained.  He raises his crest either on cue or when something interests him.

A short commercial features a White Cockatoo:

Note:  “A bird in hand is . . . (To be continued)


Smurf, a blue and gold Macaw native to the South American rain forests, was hatched at the Kaytee center on July 4, 1991.  He was hand raised by his handler and has bonded closely with her.  After giving an amazing performance in which he responded to questions with appropriate words and actions, he was placed back on his home perch in the aviary.  He then very loudly protested in a fit of jealousy as his handler tried to show another bird.


Far From Home

This male Eclectus parrot, common to our northeastern Australian mates, is far from home in Chilton, WI.  Kaytee, producer of wild bird and small pet foods, traces its beginnings to a grain elevator located in Chilton  in the mid 1800s.  Today it maintains its corporate offices there as well as a learning center which houses numerous birds and small animals.

The Eclectus is unusual because of the great color contrast between the bright green male and the bright red female.


The male stood still enough to allow a 1/30 sec. shutter speed, slow enough to render a silky river.


A mallard hen seemed oblivious to the icy river waters.


This cropped image from a 300 mm  lens brought us as close as we could get to an eagle on the other side of the river at the Thousand Islands Conservancy Zone.  The Zone encompasses 350 acres and includes seven miles of trails.




We spotted swans and ducks in Ellison Bay on Green Bay when we drove to Door County to enjoy the remaining fall color this late in the season.


This pelican was bashful and camera shy.


With its bright orange breast and its cheerful song, the Robin is the state bird of Wisconsin.

Comfy Cozy

This Mallard seems comfy and cozy in the water on a hot spring day.