Photo a Day Challenge


Z for Zebra

A zebra was first spotted at an antique store in Cedarburg, WI. Somehow that same zebra made his way to Highcliff State Park.

Still Life

A doll sits amicably in a rocking horse near the entrance to an antique shop as she awaits a new home.


Transforming clay into a beautiful pitcher can be a soothing process . . . when one knows what she is doing.  This young lady showcased her craft as she patiently coaxed the clay on her potter’s wheel into form in the Cedar Creek Pottery in the Cedarburg Settlement.

E for Era

The Dime A Dance vintage boutique located in the Cedar Creek Settlement offers apparel, hats, jewelry, linens, textiles and antiques from a bygone era.   We found the lady minding the store a real charmer.


A wealth of grapes were left on the vines at the Cedar Creek Settlement,  a large rejuvenated  mill which now houses Cedar Creek Winery and numerous boutiques and antique shops.


Lois receives a generous serving of buttered popcorn and a friendly smile.

Y for Yesteryear

Jimmy “The Popcorn Man” Fortunato operates his Cedarberg popcorn wagon of yesteryear year round.  This is no microwave or hot air popcorn!  This is the real thing popped right on the premises in his wagon.


Morning coffee . . .

J for Java House

The Java House is located in the heart of historic downtown Cedarburg, WI.