Photo a Day Challenge

Door County





I Will Remember You

I Will Remember You

Right Place Wrong Time

Right Place Wrong Time 1

 Nestled beside a cherry orchard, Ray’s cherry hauler awaits a new crop of the sweet tart fruit.

Season’s Change

Season's Change

View from Egg Harbor park.

Low Budget

Low Budget 1

 Fences made from recycled telephone poles and rope?

Low Budget 2

You Spin Me Around

You Spin Me Around 1

Park in Egg Harbor

You Spin Me Around 2

Nine to Five

Nine to Five

Bistro in Egg Harbor, Open nine to five and later during the tourist season.

5 O’clock In The Morning

5 O'clock in the Morning

Egg Harbor alarm clock.


I Heard It Through The Grapevine

I Heard It Through The Grapevine


Flirtin’ With Disaster

Flirtin' With Disaster

Welcome to the Machine

Welcome to the Machine

Along the road to Carlsville, WI.

Sittin’ on a Dock of the Bay

Sittin' on a Dock of the Bay

Peterson Builders Shipyard, Sturgeon Bay.

Working For The Weekend

Working For The Weekend

Peterson Builders Shipyard.

Tuff Enuff

Tough Enuff

Construction at  Peterson Builders Shipyard in Sturgeon Bay.

In the City

In the City

Too early in the season for tourists, but shops are none-the-less open in Sturgeon Bay.


Animal 1

Animal 2

Black, White and Blue


Black, White and Blue 2

Black lamp posts, white snow, blue sky and a silver bridge in Sturgeon Bay.

Out There

Out There

Out there somewhere in the depths of the Great Lakes are about 6,000 shipwrecks.


Enjoy the Silence

Enjoy the Silence

Everything is Awesome

Everything is Awesome

Strap on the snowshoes and walk along the shoreline.  Enjoy the awesome silent beauty of winter in Wisconsin.

Man On The Corner

Man On The Corner


Standing On Higher Ground

Standing On Higher Ground

Cave Point County Park in Door County, Wisconsin

You Can Do Magic

You Can Do Magic

Waves freeze and form ice sculptures along the west shore of Lake Michigan.