Photo a Day Challenge

Hartman Creek State Park

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned

The deer did a disappearing act just as the shutter snapped.

Old Haunts

Old Haunts

One of our favorite trails is around Allen Lake in Hartman Creek State Park.

Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision

The vision of a quietly gliding canoe was accompanied by the sound of a chorus of birds.




This Cladonia Bellidiflora lichen was found growing on a post of an old wooden fence at Hartman Creek State Park. The lichen look like miniature flowers, but they have no roots, stems, or leaves. Green alga and a colorless fungus combine to create the Lichen.



One should avoid trees when casting one’s line.





Late summer finds the small lakes covered in gross algae. Although most algae blooms are not harmful, some do affect fish and humans as well as birds and marine mammals.




Nature rewards a peaceful walk around Hartman Lake at Hartman Creek State Park .

The Letter B: Berries

The berries hanging from a bush along a trail offered an opportunity to experiment with shallow depth of field.


“Slow and steady wins the race” according to an old fable, but we found mama and junior very quick once they spotted us near the water.


An old weathered fence leads the way to another lake in Hartman Creek State Park.


The weather was calm with nary a ripple on Allen Lake this early spring day at Hartman Creek State Park near Waupaca, WI.

Yard Work

A backhoe does a little yard work while cranes search for food in the distance.