Photo a Day Challenge

Road America

VSCDA Vintage Fall Festival


Vintage American iron joined the fray in the prewar class.

VSCDA Vintage Fall Festival


Allard on the track.

VSCDA Vintage Fall Festival


Allard was also a featured marque at the Festival.

VSCDA Vintage Fall Festival


The XJR-5 easily took over the lead and maintained first place.

VSCDA Road Vintage Fall Festival


After starting at the end of the pack in the Jaguar feature race, the XJR-5 quickly worked its way to vie for the lead out of Canada Corner and into Thunder Valley.

VSCDA Fall Festival


Special guest of honor Bob Tullius shared his Group 44 racing experiences with his Jaguar XJR-5 in the background.

VSCDA Vintage Fall Festival


A Rolls Royce crashed the Jaguar concours.

Road America Fall Festival


The Vintage Sports Car Driver’s Association Fall Festival featured the Jaguar Clubs of North America’s Challenge and Concours.



The rumble of big engines and the smell of racing fuel is an endless fascination for my car nuts.

Street Life

Street Life

Road America paddocks turn into a dynamic, screaming town with street life filled with mechanics, drivers and fans noisily scurrying about.

Chase the Wind

No More Mr Nice Guy The VSCDA (Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association) does not allow all out 10/10s racing, but that doesn’t prevent all out power coming out of turn three.

The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road

The long and winding four mile fourteen turn Road America  road course awaits.

All I Need

All I Need

I have my helmet, I have my driving suit, I even have my tie.  Now where’s that new fangled safety belt?



. . . was recreated once again at Road America’s HAWK Vintage Races.



Mayhem deterrent at vintage races.


Oh Happy Day

Number 0 Formula Ford in action going up the hill to the front straight.

It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World

It's A Man's Man's Man's World

Disclaimer:  Women are not only welcomed into it, many are quite successful, too.

I Drove All Night

I Drove All Night

The transport carrying this car drove all night from Texas to Wisconsin for the SCCA races at Road America.

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

All good things must come to an end.



A Kohler two cycle racer required attention in the paddock.



The group 6 #0 black Camaro goes by the moniker Sylvester and is well known around the circuit.

Lying, Laughing, Loving, Crying

Lying, Laughing, Loving, Crying

Burt Levy hawked his books in the paddock.  His novels include The Last Open Road, Montezuma’s Ferrari, The Fabulous Trashwagon, Toly’s Ghost and The 200 MPH Steamroller.

All I Really Want To Do

is drive

All I Really Want To Do

The second driver of an enduro anxiously awaited the arrival of his ride in pit lane.  This was a two hour enduro race that required three pit stops and a driver change.


Give it Up

Give it Up

Give it up to the faster car . . . or you’ll get the blue flag if you’re lucky.