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Many Blackhawk racers set up camp next to their cars on their paddock for the weekend.

Road Trip

Road Trip

The Vintage Triumphs of WI arrived at Eagle Harbor Inn for their 16th annual Door County road trip and were visited by members of the Fox Valley British Car Club who also toured Door County.



The devilish driver has been waiting all winter to have fun once again at the Road America spring vintage races.  The time has come.  Finally.  Fun!



Under the ‘58 TR3’s aluminum valve cover lurks a modern high lift roller rocker valve train which helps it keep up with modern traffic on our photo shoots, too.  (The dual twin choke Weber carbs and Mallory distributor help a bit as well.)



Our 1980 Triumph TR8 has its original factory Rover aluminum V8 engine, although it has been updated with a few high performance modifications . . .  so we can keep up with modern traffic when we travel around looking for photos.


A man and his car . . .


Nature emerged as a golden treasure trove through our TR3 windscreen when we arrived at Bubolz Nature Preserve.




Wearing a period English vanity plate, this TR3A vainly shunned the grassy parking field in favor of a more picturesque driveway.



The sky was overcast as we gathered for lunch after a drive through Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine.



While stopped at a county park during a Fall car club ride, some members found this tower to be a perfect playground while others inspected some of the rides.


John was about to take his vehicle, a 1958 Triumph TR3A, for an autumn afternoon drive.


The excitement continues in the small bore production group as a Triumph Spitfire wields through a corner ahead of a Big Healey and Jaguar 120.  (Scott, its driver, has been known to occasionally comment on our blog.)

A is for Autocross

Autocross consists of driving a course defined by traffic cones set up on a large parking lot or small track.  Drivers are timed as they run the course one at a time.  Penalty seconds are added for hitting a cone.  Cars are grouped into performance classes and quickest times win.



Friendships are made by traveling back roads, highways, curvy roads, straight roads, hilly roads and level roads together, knowing that if one fails, the other will surely find the needed parts or help to continue the journey.



A drive though the countryside in October brought us to Mosquito Hill Nature Center at New London, WI where a hike along the trail was a riot of color. Our Triumph TR8 peeked through the gold birch leaves, green pine boughs and burgundy colored maple trees.


Our 1958 Triumph TR3A posed near Lake Winnebago in Oshkosh, WI during a weekend jaunt.  John restored the Three in the 1980s with the help of sons Charlie and Ted.  It has taken us on many wonderful (and some eventful) journeys throughout the years.


Something About Us

We spent the weekend traveling with our son and daughter-in-law, we in our 1980 Triumph TR8 and they in their 1975 Triumph TR6.  We spent Saturday driving back roads to Princeton, WI with the Fox Cities British Car Club to peruse flea market wares.  Sunday found our cars resting in a parking lot in Sister Bay as we pleased our pallets with Swedish pancakes in Door County’s famous Al Johnson’s Restaurant.

The Weekend

The weekend began with this view.  Tomorrow’s post will elaborate.


Charlie’s 1975 TR6 once again complete with all parts, nuts and bolts.


These nuts secure the transmission bellhousing to the engine block on my son’s ’75 Triumph TR6.  He is reassembling the drivetrain in preparation for reinstallation into his car.

Thanks to Karen for the great word-frame tutorial and to Eleanor for bringing it to my attention in the be creative thread over at the forum.

Car Parts

The 1975 Triumph TR6 in the background awaits the reinstallation of its parts in the foreground.  This car was a father-son project while Charlie was in high school.  The car was then given to him as a graduation present.  Twenty-six years later the car is still undergoing surgery as the car is continually being repaired and enhanced with high lift camshafts, lightweight racing pistons, a milled and ported head, roller rocker valve train,  MSD ignition, custom aluminum radiator .  . .