Photo a Day Challenge

Wilmar’s Candy

Afternoon Delights

Afternoon Delights


Sweet . . . salty . . . and crunchy.


Valentine’s Day


A customer at Wilmar Chocolates checks out the red hot truffles, sea salt carmels, meltaways and Valentine Boxes for his special someone.


Chocolate contains three main ingredients: tryptophan, phenylethylamine, and anandamide. One ingredient makes you happy, another blissful and the last makes you want more.  So … a build your own candy bar is available at Wilmar’s, and it will be made while you watch. The conundrum being which chocolate flavor to choose and which of the over 40 mix-ins to add.

I Love Chocolate

Across Wilmar Chocolates’ kitchen, Pecan Wilmarvels are topped off with chocolate over carmel and pecans to create Wilmar’s Pecan Turtles (aka Pecan Wilmarvels).

As a mood enhancer chocolate leads the way, and the chocolate turtles are more than adequate competition to the solid chocolate bunnies which will soon be in the running.


Lots and Lots

Continuing our walk through Wilmars Chocolate kitchen we find lots and lots of pretzels being dipped in creamy white chocolate.  Our gracious guide offered a sample, and as Lucy from Peanuts said to Charlie Brown, “all I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!”


A Wilmar Chocolate employee cooks up a batch of Red Hot Truffles. Vietnamese cinnamon and cayenne are immersed in fresh Wisconsin whipping cream and blended with silky imported dark chocolate to create Wilmar’s Red Hot Truffles. One bite will make you forget the frigid temperatures and the snow banks you climbed over to get it.

Store Fronts

Wilmar Chocolates, the corner confectionary store in Appleton, WI, specializes in hand made chocolates. The small batch candies are made with fresh all natural ingredients including cream and butter from local dairies.