Photo a Day Challenge

Old World Wisconsin

Somebody’s Watching Me

Somebody's Watching Me

The face in the wood was watching as I took this photo.


A Soldier’s Song

Soldier's Song


Lonely Road

Lonely Road



Not enough snow for a sleigh ride . . .  a horse drawn wagon ride made do.



A broom to sweep away a mess and kindling to start the fire.



Cookies are baked, the tree is trimmed . . . a game of checkers awaits.

Roll Out the Barrel

Roll Out the Barrel

We’ll have a barrel of fun!

O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

Bright red apples, handmade ornaments and garland adorned the Christmas tree.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies



Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels

There Is No Place Like Home

There is No Place Like Home

There is no place like home for the holidays . . .

Found A Peanut

Found a Peanut

The General Store was a child’s favorite.

The Little White Church

The Little White Church


Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

The old buildings were appropriately decorated for the season.

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

This Santa read Christmas stories to anyone who sat to listen.

Here Comes Santa Claus

Here Comes Santa Claus

He appeared in various traditional garb.

Here We Come A Caroling

Here We Come A Caroling

Old World WI opens its gates to celebrate Christmas festivities during the first two weekends of December.


Take your pick:  A,B or C.


St. Peter’s Church,1839, Milwaukee’s first Catholic Church, was a source of hope and inspiration for a large immigrant population seeking a new life in a new world.


An unfinished rug awaits completion on the loom in the Finnish Rankinen Farm house.

Natural Framing

The Kruza House, built in 1884 by an elderly Polish immigrant couple in Hofa Park in Shawano County, was ”built of stovewood laid in a bed of mortar.”


This rural Danish home on the Pederson Farm from the Town of Luck, Polk County, 1872, contains a later kitchen addition.  It was dedicated by the Queen of Denmark in 1976.

The Letter X

The construction of the loft doors form perfect Xs on the Kortesmaa Cattle Barn located on the Finnish Ketola Farm which originated in the Town of Oulu, Bayfield County, 1893.


This 2,000 lb. ox rested in the hot sun in the pasture of the Schulz Farm.  Known as bullocks by our Australian mates, oxen are commonly castrated male cattle that are well suited for agricultural work because they can pull heavy loads. They are heavier, slower, steadier and less excitable than horses.